Data Points

苹果手机VPN是什么意思 - 懂得:苹果手机VPN的意思是虚拟专用网络,其主要功能是在公用网络上建立专用网络进行加密通信。虚拟专用网络指的是在公用网络上建立专用网络的技术。 VPN有多种分类方式,主要是按协议进行分类。VPN可通过服务器、硬件、软件等多种方式实现。

Data Points is a podcast by InterSystems Learning Services that features conversations with experts about new and exciting features of InterSystems products, as well as cutting-edge trends and topics in the tech industry today.
Brought to you by InterSystems Learning Services of 将 Android 设备连接至虚拟专用网 (VPN) - Android帮助:您可以将手机连接到专用网络(例如学校或公司的网络),即使您人不在该处也没问题。建立这种连接需要通过虚拟专用网 (VPN) 来实现。 重要提示:

Latest Episodes…

  1. 免费网络加速器排行榜

      In this episode, you'll hear insights from Jenny Ames, Gary Maggiolino, and Joey Moritz about the new chat bot that was implemented on a few different InterSystems sites. Using a chat bot, in conjunction with a human support team, can enable users to find answers to their questions quickly and ...


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  2. 免费网络加速器排行榜

    虚拟机不能大唐_优惠券-抓券网:2021最新_虚拟机不能大唐_优惠券免费领取-抓券网 独家内部优惠券直播!每天万款内部优惠券免费领取、让您享受更多优惠!


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  3. 免费网络加速器排行榜

    In this episode, Luca Ravazzolo — product manager for cloud and container technology — joins the podcast for his second appearance. He's telling us all about SAM (System Alerting & Monitoring), a new component of InterSystems IRIS that users will want to hear about. To try out SAM, visit this GitHub ...


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  4. 9. Healthcare Interoperability: Part 2 (Russ Leftwich)

    This episode features the second part of our interview with senior clinical advisor for interoperability at InterSystems, Russ Leftwich. Check out Episode 8 for the first half! In this portion of the interview, Adam and Russ carry the healthcare interoperability discussion into more specifics about InterSystems technologies and FHIR applications. After ...


    虚拟专用网络有哪些作用?蒲公英虚拟组网的步骤是什么 ...:2021-3-11 · 虚拟专用网络我们可以把它理解成是虚拟出来的企业内部专线。它可以通过特殊的加密的通讯协议在连接在Internet上的位于不同地方的两个或多个企业内部网之间建立一条专有的通讯线路,就好比是架设了一条专线一样,但是它并不需要真正的去铺设光缆之类的物理线路。 Your browser does not support the audio element.
  5. 8. Healthcare Interoperability: Part 1 (Russ Leftwich)

    教你使用L2TP虚拟专用网-手机乐园:2021-6-12 · 进入“无线和网络”设置,选择“虚拟专用网设置”: 进入“虚拟专用网设置”,选择“添加虚拟专用网”: 在这里你可以配置PPTP及L2TP ... 如果你第一次使用保存虚拟专用网功能,那么要建立“凭证存储密码”,这个的功能好像是保护你这些 ...


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